The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux
State Parked
Date 2007-06-04
Proposed by ct


Describe the DataBackend functionality.


This just starts as braindump, I will refine it soon:

  1. handle all files lumiera uses at runtime (media, edl, temp data)

  2. manage filehandles, lumiera might use more more files than available filehandles

  3. manage temporary data

  4. do caching

  5. io will be blocked where the backend tells the core where it can expect the data (not read()/write() like)

  6. kindof garbage collector

  7. do prefetching

  8. no/low latency for the core the prefetcher and other things ensure that data is available in time

  9. translate any input into a format which the lumiera core understands (demux, decode)

  10. same for encoding to output formats

  11. offer a plugin API for encoders/decoders

  12. maybe network backend for serving data to distributed rendernodes

  13. can do some load control or management (trigger adaptive rendering if system is idle etc)

  14. pull based arch



The underlying principles remain valid, yet development took another direction during the last years. Special frameworks for high-performance asynchronous IO will be used for dedicated use cases.


2023-10-24 <>


Sounds fairly complete to me  — Ichthyostega

Developement takes place in the repo now  — ct

Development took another direction over the last years; the former Ā»BackendĀ« layer is restructured  — Ichthyostega