The new emerging NLE for GNU/Linux
  • History Concept → events (including possibly meta-events)

  • Session: consists of history plus configuration and rules

  • Session can be, theoretically, implemented in Git as it is possibly the same concept — however History probably not implemented in Git, because there are semantic and structural differences

  • Command → Event, but Command no Event?

  • History contains only events that change state---problem with many commands and no state change in history?

  • Session must carry Lumiera version and know what to do with different versions, i.e., session from one user using a newer/older version?

  • Plugins: installed on one machine produces a session which is replayed on another machine with no such plugins?

  • One-to-one between command and event? No, one command can effect several controls that are treated as group through a placement, so one command will effect all members of the placement group. The events for each member of the

  • group receive the same single command, however we can distinguish between each event via the event arguments. Example: For example if treble, bass, sound-level are all connected into a single placement group and are attached to a group volume, changing the group volume will effect all members of the group. We can then, in the history, distinguish each group member (treble, bass, …) through its event arguments

  • After a rough cut, many clips are relegated to the cut-away bin. This is the first iteration of the film. In the past, contents from the cut-away bin had little opportunity of being recast into the final-cut as they were out-of reviews and were burdened with excessive effort to re-include into the film edit. Lumiera History will have complete easy access at all times and at all stages during editing to include such clips. Support for this feature is possible because Lumiera History is an event based mechanism and will be be possible to back track in events, or under reasonable circumstances, to jump back several events to easily retrieve a clip from the cut-away bin as these are all recorded and always available from Lumiera History.

  • Events in Lumiera History can be edited: it will be possible to remove events

  • It is possible to rebase 2 divergent histories in a mechanism similar to Git

  • The Lumiera History cannot simply appear on the GUI as a list of events. It must be possible to provide meaningful information, i.e, the commands associated with the extents of more verbose information

  • The GUI will not simply support do/undo in the history, rather will be be possible to jump to any event in the history list and display and highlight the entity effected by the event itself.

  • It is also possible to search, select and display a particular event in the history